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A Pleasant Shopping Experience

Quality. Style. Wendy's Collection Boutique.

The Story Behind The Name

Wendy Madrid
US Navy

Wendy's Collection Boutique was founded in 2018. Wendy Madrid a US Navy Veteran who passed away on March 30, 2018, had an entire collection of clothing. She loved pink and lots of bling. When Wendy passed away her husband donated her entire collection (is what he called it) to Women Warriors so that the female Veterans could use it when needed. Along with all of her clothing came hats, scarves, purses, shoes, and other accessories. During the Women Warriors 2018 event Women Warriors decided to makeshift a boutique in memory of her. Her collection of clothing has been used by numerous female Veterans.

Business Hours

Wednesday - Saturday 10:00-4:00


We are


Shop, Save and Support Our local Female Veteran Community!

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